A soul caged for patterns of her own 1 1874

A golden string of hope,
Tangled in her heart,
When the monsters were whirling,
In her mind, flooded
With various thoughts,
Which laid twisted,
Beneath her sorrows,
She now arose,
With confidence and faith,
She shouldn’t have to fear them again,
Those gibes and mocks,
Passed by all those living souls,
Who walked past her,
Seeing those patterns and shades,
Drawn vividly on her skin,
So beautifully spread,
As on a flawless canvas,
That’s when, she realized:
“I’m not yet mine enough,
To be taught by someone else.”


Most likely we all are judged by people especially in our society. Being a person with beauty and brains is extraordinary, but not all of us are like that. We are unique and in our own way we all slay our glamour with shine. Scars or stretch marks just portray what you individually have been through in life. No one can imagine what one is capable of but you. A judgment passed cannot possess over you. It’s your life and a good friend of mine tells me ‘No matter what, just be happy and smile because it’s gonna kill all your enemies when they see you happy.’ It’s true.

We enjoy a roller coaster ride, we laugh when we fly in those twists and turns. But when life puts us through a tough ride, we eventually break down, part by part. And we decide to give up. We all go through stuff and maybe your dealings are worse than mine. Maybe it’s because you are stronger than I am. I hope someone who might relate to this, might find a ray of inspiration from this.

Never let anyone hurt you. Don’t give them the right to let you down. They treat you the way you let them treat you. They mock you, because they know that it’ll affect you. Eventually in the process with all your trouble, you lose your power, your confidence. You end up caring and behaving like they want you to. So stay who you are. You are one of a kind. No one can be you no matter how much they try to.

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4 years ago

in the desert you can’t remember your name, cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain…

Nifty likely to test recent highs 0 1323

Pre Market Updates Wednesday January 23, 2019
Nifty levels


  • Nifty futures saw a marginal unwinding of long positions.
  • Nifty will see strength in the upside momentum if it trade above 10980 levels.
  • Lower side, last one week Nifty trading above 10850 levels, which may act as crucial support for January series.
  • IT Index continues to show strength along with mid-cap IT Stocks, also Pharma sector, now from here on Metal stocks look attractive to accumulate.
  • Auto stocks are bleeding; auto index corrected more than 3% in two days.
  • Except few stocks like Reliance, Kotak Bank, Infosys, broader markets are cracking
  • Nifty likely to trade in yesterday’s range today
  • Nifty likely to face resistance at 10990 and support at 10860.

Nifty Chart Analysis:  Candlestick and Patterns

Candlestick:  Hanging Man

  • Nifty forming Hanging Man candle on the daily charts.
  • Hanging Man belongs to the bearish reversal patterns group.

Patterns:  Ascending Triangle Pattern

  • Nifty remains in an ascending triangle formation on daily charts
  • Ascending triangles are generally considered bullish and are most reliable when found in an uptrend.
  • The top part of the triangle appears flat, while the bottom part of the triangle has an upward slant.
  • In ascending triangles, the market becomes overbought and prices are turned back.
  • Buying then re-enters the market and Nifty likely to test recent highs, where they are once again turned back.

Options Data Tracking

Max Pain

  • Nifty max pain level currently at 10900
  • Bank Nifty max pain level currently at 27500

Put Call Ratio

  • Nifty PCR at 1.30
  • Nifty Bank PCR at 1.23.

Max O.I Strikes

  • Nifty: 10700 PE and 11000 CE
  • Bank Nifty: 27000 PE and 27800 CE

FII & DII Net Purchase / Sales

  • FII: -78.53 CR
  • DII: -84.15 CR

Simple Moving Averages

  • 50 days SMA: 10764
  • 150 days SMA: 10901
  • 200 days SMA: 10826

FnO Stocks under Ban


FnO Earnings

  • ITC
  • RCOM

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