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We all get active as soon as a news springs up, yet another woman/child/kid has been molested, raped and killed.

The media gets involved, blame gets thrown and accusations get spewed about. The size of the dress, the lust of men and everything seems to be the rage. Authors like us take to social media to come to the aid of these suffering souls, give them our tributes that they shall not read, that shall get no solace from.

The sale of pepper spray shall increase, mum’s shall be extra vigilant and every guy who looks at you shall be rapist material for a few days and then everything will die down, come back to normal. You will go back to your life. But the life of the rape victim takes years to come to terms with it.

Do you really think, that words you say shall change anything?

If you really want to change this then fight for them, go to their houses; tell those women that you shall get justice for them, make sure the killer walks to his death, or start counseling these men, teach young kids better by changing the songs that come celebrated in Bollywood, stop showing women as fragile and weak or meeker part of society that needs protection from a pack of wolves. Stop telling young kids that growing up means getting laid. The quiet responsibility lies in the generation of today to make these monsters to be normal men.

Yes, attraction happens, but it should never cross the line of comfort. And this subtle art needs to be taught at home, in schools and before marriages; before the hearts of men turn to lust, it should learn to love.

So, stop writing that cliched article on how things are not right, kids too are not spared these days.

Say no, to movies where the hero saves the day. Say no, to songs that are raunchy at best but internally portray that women are sex symbols. Stop entertainment/serials that show that – it is okay with men having more marriages.

Stop asking men to change, make them change – as ladies you have the best chance of doing that as mothers, sisters, friends and girlfriends and wives.

And stop showing the same things on news-channels, it is so frequently put around like every day occurrence that no one really bothers until it strikes them, they just tune in to the debate and not to change things. I am not giving you statistics here, not throwing the buck aside but telling you to be the solution.

Stop also putting pictures of the kids that have gotten raped, stop asking for justice in Instagram, Facebook and every-other social media, do not take to the roads once and stop with burning candles, start a revolution, ask the government to change laws, fight for a better system of law.

I do not know if this shall change, I shall be looked into like Courage the cowardly dog, but I guess we all love the hype, but do not have it in us to go out and fight for a system that we want someone else to bring to action, because we are too busy mourning for someone and live in that fear that someday it may be us, but until that day comes it shall never be my problem for sure.


Everyone wants to use this opportunity for their own mileage and we have come to that situation in life. Go, ahead tear this article down, it should incite you enough, go ahead smear my name as being all those fancy English words that you can find. Tweet me and #facebookdelete me. All your social media rants shall not do any justice for that young heart who came to this world to find angels but found murderous butchers and monsters that lurked in wait.

Justice shall not come to the hands that ask, justice shall come only at the end of the world.

Stop seeking justice, start seeking change.

Written By
Sunil Sathyendra

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5 years ago

Well said. Our government should introduce new bill to outlaw sexual assault.

Tharunya Thimmaiah
5 years ago

Very well said , good one loved your view its really important right now.

5 years ago

Beautifully explained….its high time that everyone starts thinking this way

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