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From the day we arrive in college, there is always a dream to encounter a genie, who can come out as soon as we rub the chiraag and fulfill our goal to grab a job, before one of the most vital day in our lives, the graduation day, when we get to wear the black gown and hold the degree in our hands! Never ever underestimate the power of that piece of paper, if you are not lucky enough to be born with silver spoon.

As we slowly learn the reality of harsh world and reluctantly accept that none of our seniors or super-seniors could get such a chance to meet the genie face to face, we tend to begin feeling the pressure of getting the job ourselves at any cost. Seeing seniors getting placed one by one, watching various ups and downs in own semester score card, constant demanding questionnaire from our family, relatives, neighborhood keep mounting pressure to such a height that we often begin feeling so trapped in the system that anxiety starts growing bigger day by day.

To get ourselves prepared, well, the very first thing we should do is, to understand that our goal should not be to get a job, rather to do our best as much as possible. It’s hard to see the difference between these two at first, till the day we move away from that very first job.

Please let me know, if these below strategies can help prepare for the war to come:

1. Back to the basics

  • Clear out as much as possible, those school doubts of very foundational knowledge.
  • Have no hesitation, when you get someone to teach you, no matter younger or elder, skinny or fatty, short or tall.
  • Remember to keep yourself humble, as receiving hand is always below giving hand. Humility is one of the toughest quality to acquire.  Not that easy!

2. Analyze your own strengths and weaknesses

  • Remind yourself every morning of your strengths and forget your weaknesses.
  • Pick on your weakness – keep aside 30 min on one specific item you can work on with your digital connection off, before you sleep.

3. Weekend planning- FASSST…

 Don’t let go your achievements pass by without a celebration. Admire yourself! Cheer up and socialize. Crack jokes and make others laugh!
 Forget the whole world and give your body and mind some time away and dream big!
 Prepare a TO-DO list for the upcoming week. Mark it with importance and urgency level. Not all important things are urgent and vice – versa.

Even though it may not actually prepare us on the surface level, which of course, will be very specific to the various courses and trades you are enrolled with, in my opinion, it can help at the core level to prepare ourselves to take the D-day in our strongest possible form.

Well, there may be times of hopelessness, when you come across tens of friends who may not be lucky to get a job right from the college placement or, even studied in college of such opportunities, but never ever forget that hard work is answered always, sooner or later.  There are possibilities that various external factors, such as economic downturn or specific requirements of employers, may deprive you of such fortune. But, it’s usually just a matter of time. People find own place very soon, as long as they had given their best shot when they were boss of utilizing very own precious time. The time is of essence as it’s always a forward clock and unfortunately, we are yet to see any time machine coming soon. So, balance between present and future. Appreciate what we have in present, enjoy and live a little, and then reflect on where we want to go and how best we can do that.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Once you get a job, remember degree matters. Do not forget it. Some of us tend to start ignoring the degree with the job in hand. Jobs may be temporary on your path, but the degree you get, sticks with you forever! Have faith in your degree more than your job, as this will keep you moving farther, not your the very first job always. We all know few famous personalities who dropped out from college in their early stage and it’s quite tempting to follow that path. But, it’s hard to ignore that there may be millions out there, who did the same and vanished in the vast ocean. And, even those successful personalities never recommend to do that. So, even though it’s possible to argue, what is right or what is wrong in generic form, it’s up to us to take such news with pinch of salt, considering our own personal circumstances and our social environment. Yes, walking the hard path can kill, but the killing can take to the Valhalla…

In the end, would like to say again, your job should not be to get job, your job should be to make yourself happy and make others happy as much as you can and yet, it doesn’t mean in any way, to not get a job. Keeping this dogma alive, will give much more lasting satisfaction in the long run, no matter the outcome. So, do your duty and forget the result!

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A Magical Trip to Europe – The Eternal City Rome 6 15952

Welcome to the ancient city and Italy's capital – Rome. It is one of the world’s most romantic cities. The beauty of the amazing city will melt your heart and will make you fall in love with the country. Though it can be hot during the peak summer and overcrowded there is so much incredible, ancient history and heritage to be explored.

The Eternal Land of History

It is a city with nearly 3,000 years of history with globally influential art, architecture, awe-inspiring ruins and culture on display. It is a magical place for photography – when you think about the ancient streets, the world famous Colloseum, St Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Trevi fountain, Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and many more.

The country has a long history, as Rome was founded in 753BC. After the Roman Empire broke down in 395AD, there were many separate kingdoms and cities evolved. It has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine including fashion Capital Milan and other major cities Florence, Venice, Naples and Pisa.

The city of seven hills

The city of Rome was built on seven hills (Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline (where city hall is), Esquiline, Palatine (where the big archaeological digs are), Quirinal and Viminal). There are lots of must-sees and several activities to do here giving you a solid senses of its past. No matter how you choose to spend your time here, you will be treated with sensational views, world-class attractions, a history lesson and scrumptious food. It’s always been a synonym for "mouth-melting food," offering an unmistakable explosion of flavors and aromas. Enjoy the amazing Roman pastas and Fettuccine ai Funghi which is our favourite.

Now, Let's dig into 10 phenomenal must visit sights in Rome (aka Caput Mundi - Capital of the world) -

  • The Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Circus Maximus
  • Piazza Venezia & Altare Della Patria
  • St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums
  • Trevi fountain
  • Piazza di Spagna & Spanish Steps
  • Piazza Navona
  • Stadium Olimpico
  • Bocca della Verità & The Mouth of Truth

The Colosseum

It is the world's 39th most popular tourist attraction with roughly 4 million tourists a year. The construction began in the first century under the rule of the Roman Emperors: Vespasian (69-79 CE), Titus (79-81 CE) and Domitian (81-96 AD). These three Emperors are known as Flavian Dynasty and the amphitheatre was named in Latin for its association with their family name (Flavius). It is the largest amphitheatre and was capable of holding up to 80,000 spectators who came to see a whole range of games:

1] Animal hunts- This was an event of shooting animals with bow and arrows.

2] The Bestiarii – The gladiators fought with wild beasts such as tigers and leopards here. They were trained animal-handlers and killers.

3] Criminal fights - Criminals were also sentenced to fight wild beasts but without any skills, weapons or armour.

4] Velites - Spear Fighters fought each others.

The Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus

From the Colosseum you can walk to the Roman Forum, which is a very short walk. The ticket to the Roman Forum is free if you have the Colloseum ticket but the other way round… Well it’s not exactly true; you cannot visit the Colloseum if you have bought the ticket for the Roman Forum.

The Roman Forum is an impressive sprawl of ruins. In the Middle Ages it was known as the Campo Vaccino ('Cow Field'). At the end of the path, you'll come to Via Sacra and the Tempio di Giulio Cesare. The Roman Forum Mark’s where Julius Caesar was cremated.

You can extend your walk to Circus Maximus which is in very close approximately. This place is an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium which was built in the Roman times; it was a huge engaging stadium. Lots of people visit the chariot stadium every year. The Circus Maximus is an amazing place to visit and an open air area where you can sit down and have a break.

Altare Della Patria

Italy became one nation only in 1861 and since then includes the islands of Sicily (a must-see beauty) and Sardegna (a jaw-dropping sight). Victor Emmanuel was the first king of Italy. In honour of his name, this wow-inducing monument was built in Piazza Venezia. It is 135 metres wide and is 70 metres high.

There is a little walkway on the road in front of The Emmanuel palace where the view is amazing. Sometimes the soldiers march around in the palace. This palace also holds the tomb of a soldier. It is right near the Roman Forum and the colosseum.


Vatican City is a separate and the smallest country and also has St Peter’s Basilica - the home of the Pope. This major Papal basilica is one of the world's most famous church in the whole, wide world and in Vatican City. It marks where Peter was crucified by Roman Emperor - Augustus Caesar. It is located in Piazza San Pietro.


Castel Sant’Angelo - also known as Mausoleum of Hadrian - is a castle in the Vatican City. It is commissioned by Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for him and his family. A secret corridor (Passetto di Borgo) connects Castel Sant'Angelo with the Vatican. It is located near the River Tiber and the castle is currently a museum with turbulent history. The drum was covered with an earthen tumulus topped with a statue of Hadrian driving a quadriga.

Vatican Museums is a well-liked visitor destination with more than 4.2 million tourists per year, making it the world's 37th most visited destination.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi is the most spectacular fountain in Rome. In the centre of the fountain is a statue of Oceanus, the Greek Sea God, standing under a triumphal arch. His chariot is being pulled by two sea horses, one wild and one docile, representing the opposing moods of the sea. Two Tritons are leading the horses, the older Triton holding a twisted shell to announce their passage.

If you’ve been to Rome you would have probably been to Trevi Fountain and tossed a coin over your shoulder and into the water. The legend of the Trevi fountain says that if you throw a coin into it, you will return to Rome or Italy one day. Trevi fountain is free to visit. Approximately 3,000 Euros are tossed into the fountain every day and an estimated €1.4 million was thrown into the fountain in 2016. However, there are regular attempts to steal coins from the fountain though it is illegal.


A walk from the Spanish Steps to the Pantheon

The Spanish Steps, a great place to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere and views of the Eternal City, consists of 138 steps. At the bottom of the steps you can find a fountain called Fontana Della Barcaccia, or “Fountain of the Old Boat”. The best time to visit is at the evening. On the 20th March, 1986 the very first McDonalds was opened in Italy near the Spanish Steps. Starting at the Spanish Steps you can also visit the Trevi fountain and this walk can be extended to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

Stadio Olimpico

As we know that everyone likes football Stadio Olimpico will be a good place to visit as lots of matches take place there. Stadio Olimpico is the largest sports attraction of Rome and is the home stadium of two major football teams which play for serie A – SS Lazio & AS Roma. The stadium boasts roughly 80,000 spectators. It is one of the five European stadiums to host the FIFA World Cup.

The Mouth Of Truth

The Mouth of Truth is a marble mask which stands against the left wall of the portico of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church. The Bocca Della Varita “The mouth of truth” is simply one of the best sculptures in Rome. It is the face of a man with its mouth, nostrils and eyes wide open. If you put your hand in the Mouth of Truth that is said to bite the hands off of liars.

Other legend was told in the Roman times, it said that the rich wife of a Roman man was accused of committing adultery. The woman didn’t accept that she did it but her husband wanted to put her to the test by making her hand go inside the stone mouth Bocca Della Varita. It is so famous that even Hollywood gave it a place in a film about the city called Roman Holiday. Even now lots of people line up to see this amazing monument.


A Tour

Well, you need to visit the City of Love and other cities in Italy at least once in your life. And stay there to explore the blissful landscape – from the snow-capped mountains of the Alps to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. After the first trip, am pretty sure you would love to visit again as it’s the best travel choice and there are plenty of places to see and things to do. And most importantly famous for its beautiful cars. Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini are known to everyone. And, also it’s a great place to travel by Europe’s fastest train. Italian High Speed FRECCIAROSSA trains travel the length and breadth of Italy, reaching speeds of 400 km/hr, entering into the heart of the major cities and shortening distances.


Enjoy your holidays in Rome and return home with the best souvenir and a memory of your incredible adventure.

Written by
Siddharth & Akilesh
(Junior Authors)

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